How Salesforce Lead Assignments work in Pardot (MCAE)

In March the Boston Pardot Community Group held a meeting called “Upskill in 20: Deep Dive into MCAE / Pardot’s Handoff to Salesforce via Lead Assignments.”

The session looked deeper at how the lead assignment mechanisms work between Pardot and Salesforce. The following questions were addressed:

  • What are the different lead assignment options, and what are their limitations?
  • Which lead assignment option is best?
  • How do Salesforce queues work?
  • How do you handle and accommodate contact records?
  • What about existing leads?
  • What other tools are out there to help route leads more efficiently?

Watch the recording here:

Ben LaMothe

One comment

  1. This was a very informative and interesting meeting. It showed how Salesforce works with Pardot, and how different assignment options are available. It was also helpful in understanding how Salesforce queues work and how to handle contact records.

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