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Must-have Pardot Optimizations for 2022

The world of Pardot and Salesforce has changed a lot in the past 12 months. Every new release brings with it new and enhanced functionality. The Spring ’22 release is just around the corner.

With all that has happened and what is still to come, I was excited to be asked to join the January meeting of the Boston Pardot Community Group to share my thoughts on must-have Pardot optimizations for 2022. I was joined by Jenna Molby and Lucy Mazalon, who also shared their tips and insights.

I don’t have the recording, but here’s a summary of what I shared:

What should be updated?

Legacy Pardot Instances

I have noticed that companies that have been Pardot customers for several years sometimes don’t realize they are using a legacy version of Pardot. The way to check is to go into Pardot > Pardot Settings > Account Type. If you see something other than Growth, Plus, Advanced or Premium… that means you’re not using an in-market account type. Contact your Pardot AE to get updated.

V2 Connector

Let 2022 be the year you update to the V2 connector. Beyond the enhancements to the Pardot-Salesforce integration, a big benefit is that companies will get a Salesforce license back. The V2 Connector comes with an integration user. No more user taking up a Salesforce license!

What are the latest features to leverage?

Activate an Email for Use in Pardot Automations

Once you have implemented Pardot Email in Lightning Experience, take the next step and enable this feature. Currently it’s only available for use in Engagement Studio. I expect that it will become available for Automation Rules and Completion Actions in future releases.

Einstein Send Time Optimization

Marketing Cloud users will recognize this feature as it comes from that platform. It’s only available for Pardot customers on Advanced or Premium, and can only be used in the Pardot Email in Lightning Experience. If that’s you, go ahead and enable it. It’s really cool. I’m optimistic that there will be enhancements to it in future releases.

Reporting on Pardot Engagement with Salesforce Reports

One of the many benefits of Connected Campaigns is that it opens the door to build reports in Salesforce that contain engagement data on your list emails, engagement studio emails, custom redirects, forms, form handlers, and landing pages. All you need to do is create the custom report types in Salesforce. It’s much more flexible reporting than what is available OOTB in the Pardot app.

What is a topic or strategy that is at the top of your mind for 2022

Scoring and grading

Getting your arms around scoring and grading in Pardot, in addition to Einstein Behavior Scoring and Einstein Lead Scoring can seem like a herculean task. There’s no need to boil the ocean with this one. Start small. Get meetings scheduled with sales leadership to begin setting the foundation and finding agreement. Buy in is everything here. The benefits are significant.

Account Cleanup

If you’ve been a Pardot customer for several years, odds are good you have active automations, forms, landing pages, and links that date back a few years. Do yourself a favor and begin tackling those outdated assets. Don’t become the victim of a forgotten Automation Rule when you import a list from an event and 10 of the prospects meet the criteria of the AR and actions trigger on them. The Recycle Bin in Pardot is your friend!

Ben LaMothe

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