How to: Remove the underline from a link in the new Pardot Landing Page Builder

The release of the Pardot Email Builder in Lightning Experience and the Landing Page Builder was a massive step forward for Pardot.

Like most releases of this size and scope, the product is improved over time. The first release doesn’t have everything you might want or expect to be there.

I encountered that when working in the Pardot Landing Page Builder in Lightning Experience. I added a hyperlink to a word and noticed that there wasn’t an obvious way to remove the underline from the word with the link.

I asked someone from the Pardot product team about this issue. I was told its something they are aware of and are actively working on. However there is not an established timeline for when it will be implemented

In the meantime you can use this to remove the underline from words with hyperlinks in the Pardot Landing Page Builder in Lightning Experience:

  1. Select the Rich Text Component and navigate to the side panel on the right
  2. Click the <>Source button
  3. Locate the hyperlink (example: <a href=””>)
  4. After the closing from the .com, and before the closing >, add style=”text-decoration: none” and then add the closing >

Here’s how it should look:

You should see the underline on the link disappear. You can add color to the text without worrying that the underline will come back.

Also! If you need the link to open in a new window, add target=”_new”.

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