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Supercharge Sales & Marketing Alignment with Pardot Scoring Categories

By Conor Ebbs, Digital Marketing Director at Immedis

Marketing automation at its best could be boiled down to one mantra: simple features, well executed.

In this article, I’ll show you how we created a custom scoring model around our key value drivers at Immedis to supercharge our sales & marketing alignment.

What are scoring categories?

Scoring categories (Pardot Plus and above) allow you to score prospects on more than one product, service or business unit. 

You can assign a scoring category to a specific folder (e.g. pdf downloads for product X) and also add scores to specific scoring categories for webpage visits, form completions and link clicks.

Learn more about them here.

Value drivers as scoring anchors

At Immedis, we recently redesigned our website around our four key value drivers:

  • Reduced Cost & Reruns
  • Data-driven Decisions
  • Integrated HCM
  • Compliance & Security

Our value drivers were the ideal anchors for customised scoring of our prospects’ engagement.

How we implemented it

Step 1

Our first step was to create scoring categories for each value driver.

Step 2

Our next step was to create a custom scoring hierarchy, to decide how much score to add to each scoring category for each engagement type. We decided on the below:

Step 3

Our next step was automating our custom scoring.

  • For resource downloads, we mapped them to each value driver and used completion actions to add 20 points to each scoring category.
  • For priority CTAs (calls to action), we used custom redirects to add 10 points to each scoring category.
  • For our value driver webpages, we used page actions to assign 10 points to each scoring category.
  • For our resource and blog pageviews, we used page actions to assign 5 points to each scoring category.

Step 4

We added category scores to our lead and contact page layouts, so our sales team could know, immediately, which of our value drivers is most important to each person. 

The Results?

A huge improvement in sales and marketing alignment and some excellent, actionable data for the sales team and the business as a whole.

Try out scoring categories today! 

Author Bio

Conor Ebbs is Digital Marketing Director at Immedis and a 2020 Salesforce Marketing Champion. He is 5x Salesforce Certified and Group Leader of Dublin B2B Marketers Trailblazer Community Group

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