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How to Track Opt-Outs from Engagement Studio Lists

When you have Engagement Studios running, sometimes it can be useful to know when people unsubscribe from the lists being used. This metric can be used to evaluate the the effectiveness of the content with the target audience and the strength of your list segments. 

This metric is visible on Engagement Studio reporting, however it’s not a something that can be clicked on to view. You only see the number of unsubscribes from each email. 

When evaluating the solution to this requirement two approaches rise to the top.

Stephen Stouffer, Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations at FireMon, an agile network security policy platform, suggests creating an Automation Rule that looks like this:

And then create a Dynamic List that looks like this:

The tag referenced in the Dynamic List is set in the Engagement Studio, which will allow you to isolate unsubscribes specifically from that engagement studio program.

Meanwhile, Ben Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager for NMI Payments, a unified commerce enablement platform, suggests a less complex but still effective approach. He suggests starting with adding a tag to the prospects in the Engagement Studio, then creating a Dynamic List to target the Public List that they opted out. “Seeing as these lists are part of your preferences center they’ll be public so I’d use the dynamic list rule of ‘Prospect public list opt-in status’ and set to show opt out.”

Both options are solid solutions that meet the requirements. Stephen’s solution introduces a new custom field that could be used for future automations or segmentations, so depending on your future needs, that could be a nice bonus.

Engagement Studio programs provide a lot of power, but its a tool that has some blind spots. This solution would help you resolve one of those blind spots.

Ben LaMothe

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