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How to Notify Multiple Prospect Owners in Pardot

In Pardot a Prospect record has one owner. That ownership is typically tied to the same Lead or Contact Owner in Salesforce. 

This is a very efficient data relationship, until it isn’t. 

Let’s say your company has three product lines. For each product line there is a person responsible for a specific geography for selling. 

In Salesforce a record has one owner, and that ownership transfers to Pardot. This data relationship creates a conflict in Pardot when it comes to Prospect owner notifications. In this scenario the “secondary” owner is left in the dark about any activities done by Contacts in Pardot that they also own. 

Pardot offers a Custom Field type called the CRM User. It maps between the CRM User field in Salesforce. Pardot uses this field to enable programmatic email “send as” features when sending a List Email, and that’s it.

But what about notifications? A completion action to Notify Assigned User only targets the Prospect’s listed owner per Salesforce. What about the secondary product owner? This functionality is not available out of the box with Pardot. But it can be built using automations to closely resemble the notifications that the primary owner gets.

Here’s how:

Create a Tag to identify prospects when they complete a marketing activity like viewing a marketing asset or completing a form.

Completion Actions
Add a Completion Action to all relevant Forms and Marketing Assets to apply the above Tag to the prospect.

Dynamic Lists
Create a dynamic list for the geographic regions of each secondary Prospect Owner. Create another dynamic list to collect the prospects with the Tags from above.

Engagement Studio
Create an Engagement Studio. Use the Dynamic List of the tagged prospects to feed the Engagement Studio.

Next, create Evaluate steps looking for membership of the different geographic lists. For each Evaluate step, if Yes, set an Action step to notify the appropriate Pardot user.

After the notification is sent, add another step to remove the tag from the prospect’s record in Pardot.

Be sure to check the box that will allow prospects to run through the Engagement Studio more than once. 

Note: Prospects can’t run more than once every 24hrs. If a prospect takes an action again during that 24-hour period, they will be queued to run through the Engagement Studio again once the 24hrs is over. 

This process will give your secondary owners greater real-time insight into the actions being taken in Pardot.

I recommend telling the secondary record owners who receive a notification to also review the contact’s Engagement History Dashboards, if it has been enabled in your instance.

Ben LaMothe


  1. Hi @Ben: Is it possible for us to customize the Notify User email with our brandings? For starters, replacing Pardot logo with our company logo.

    1. Hi Jithesh, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately that is not possible in Pardot at this time.

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