Using Handlebars Merge Language (HML) to personalize one form for multiple salespeople

Do you need customers to contact their sales rep, but don’t want to create multiple forms and links on your website? By using HML in Pardot, I will show you how to create a single form that displays and notifies the prospect’s account owner. In this example, since we don’t have calendar scheduling software, our customers will be requesting a meeting with their sales rep.

1. Create a new form in Pardot

Fill out the Name and Fields section as needed. I recommend naming the form so it’s easily identifiable in the notification email as a meeting request by your sales team.

Under the Look and Feel section, add this HML to the Above Form content: Request a meeting with {{#if Recipient.Owner.FirstName}}{{Recipient.Owner.FirstName}}{{else}}our team{{/if}} to discuss your needs.

This will display the customer’s assigned user’s name or say “our team” if unassigned. You can add other HML as needed.

Under the Completion Actions section, you can add similar HML in the Thank You content: Thank you for your request! {{#if Recipient.Owner.FirstName}}{{Recipient.Owner.FirstName}}{{else}}One of our team members{{/if}} will contact you soon to schedule a time to connect.

Set up your completion actions and make sure to notify the assigned user. Some teams may want a sales manager to be notified as well. I recommend also notifying yourself or someone else to monitor and collect all form submissions coming in. This is a great way to reference the data entered into the form at a future date.

Confirm & Save the form. Copy the URL under “Link” on the next screen for step 2.

2. Place meeting button on your website or landing page

This can be a text or image link as well.

Link it to the form you created in step 1.

To get the URL, go back into your Pardot form. It is listed on the Content screen (not while editing).

3. Notify sales team

Notifying your sales team is an important step to ensure a smooth process. They need to know what to expect and what they need to do in return. As mentioned in step one, the name of the form needs to be clear so when they receive the notification from Pardot, they know what the customer needs.

That’s it! It is a good practice to test it before it goes live, to make sure the HML populates as expected.

Marah Studniski

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