How to integrate pardot with g4

How to integrate Pardot with Google Analytics (G4) to track engagement

During this meeting of the Tampa Salesforce B2B Marketer Group , we were joined by Sabuhi Yahyayev, Practice Lead for Marketing Automation with CloudKettle

This was a deep-dive session that demonstrated the ways in which Google Analytics and Account Engagement (Pardot) can be integrated.

Sabhui demonstrated how to integrate Google Analytics and Pardot / Account Engagement to track important events such as form submissions within your iframe forms.

During the session, Sabhui talked about:

– The basics of GA4 events from a marketer’s perspective

– The integration between Account Engagement and GA4, and how it can be used to track user engagement

– Practical tips on how to leverage GA4 events for your marketing campaigns

Ben LaMothe

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