How to track and report on a Pardot form used on multiple web pages

When building a demand generation and lead generation plan that involves forms there are two approaches: create a form for every asset, or use a single form for everything.

Both choices come with benefits and drawbacks. Since Account Engagement (Pardot) focuses heavily on first-touch, my recommendation is typically to create a single form per asset. This allows you to more cleanly track conversion metrics and lead sourcing.

Choosing to use a single form for everything reduces the amount of effort required when building out assets because you only need to build a form once. However that comes with drawbacks on reporting because it becomes difficult to identify the true source of a form completion.

Since this is an issue that many marketing teams faced, I was very happy to have Laura Formby present to the Tampa Pardot Community Group about a solution she has for this issue. Laura is a Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant, Salesforce Marketing Champion, and Marketing Campaign Strategist with KirkpatrickPrice in Liverpool, UK.

The solution that Laura developed for reporting, builds on a solution that Laura worked with MarCloud Consulting to create.

Unfortunately I neglected to record the meeting. However I do have her presentation, which tells the story clearly of what the issue is, and how the solution solves for it.

Click the image below to view the presentation

Ben LaMothe

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