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See the sent list for a Pardot Lightning Email in Engagement Studio

The Account Engagement (Pardot) Lightning Email Builder is great, there’s no doubt. But it’s not without its gaps.

One of those gaps is in the Engagement Studio integration.

Email Content built in the Lightning Builder can be designated for Automations, such as Engagement Studio. That was an enhancement that came during a recent release.

However that introduced a gap: Email templates sent via Engagement Studio that were build in the “classic” builder, allowed you to click a link in the Sent node that showed you everyone who was sent, as a table view.

Because the Email Content built in the Lightning Email Builder is not an object in the Account Engagement Lightning App, the only thing linked back to, is the Email Content record.

See the below example: The email was sent. You can see how many prospects it was sent to. But you can’t see WHO those prospects are. The only clickable link is those waiting.

So how do we solve this problem? It’s not great, but it’s something!

The quickest way to solve this, if it is an issue you need to solve, is to create a static list. Add an action to add the records to the static list before hitting the node to send the email. There isn’t an action to listen for an email send, so you have to do it before.

You can do the same thing for opens and for opt outs: Create a list to have it to look back on.

I have raised this issue with the product team and they said it’s a known issue that is being worked on. So that’s good!

Ben LaMothe

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