Best Practices for Creating Naming Conventions In Pardot

Naming conventions are a vital part of keeping a well-kept marketing automation system. A good naming convention can help efficiently filter through Pardot assets. Here are my tips for creating naming conventions in Pardot.

  1. Take inventory of naming conventions that already exist within your company– Is your Pardot connected to Salesforce? Does your Salesforce already have naming conventions? Taking inventory of already existing naming conventions can help you align to already existing naming conventions.  
  2. Use underscores instead of spaces-  I have found using underscores keeps naming conventions in a more consistent format for team members to understand and use. 
  3. Include a date- Having the expiration date as part of your naming convention can help organize what an active asset is, and what has expired should be moved to the recycle bin.
  4. Include “TEST” when testing- A great way to filter through and archive assets that are used for testing. Using “TEST” can ensure testing material doesn’t get sent to prospects.
  5. Add acronyms based on region/business channel- Adding acronyms based on region or business channel can ensure the correct content is sent to the right audience. For example, North Carolina= NC.

When crafting your Pardot naming convention, put the most standardized fields followed by more subjective keywords.

Example: We want to filter Pardot’s assets by the State, Month Expiration, and keywords. NC_July21_Email’sKeywords

Kate Clubb

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