June’s Full of Webinars

Are you new to Pardot? Looking to delve a little deeper into a topic? Simply have a question you can’t find an answer to?

Worry not, PardotGeeks has you covered. We have compiled a calendar of all the upcoming events so you can find the one for you.

We counted 80 Pardot Webinars and Q&A sessions hosted by Salesforce’s Customer Success Team. We also know that there are even more events and training opportunities hosted by all of the amazing B2B Marketing Community groups across the world.

We here at PardotGeeks keep a calendar of all the events we know about. If you know of one we don’t – please don’t hesitate to submit a new event so we can get it added.

You may notice that some of these events are at crazy times. We list all events in GMT, as that is required for the Local time widget to work. So make sure you are looking at your local time. Also these events are spread across 3 regions – AMER, EMEA & APAC. You can check out the ones in your region, but you can also attend a session in a different region. We know that some folk work in environments where they can’t take an hour during the workday to watch a webinar, or the time of that webinar may conflict with too many things on your calendar. We get it. This is why we try to include events from all over the world.

Not sure where to start? Unless they are marked as EMEA or APAC, you can assume that they are in the AMER region. For folks in the US, AMER the default region for you. The sessions from EMEA are going to be early in the morning, which might work out great for someone on the east coast. If you are on the west coast like me, check out the APAC sessions, they end up in our late afternoon/evening.

And don’t worry if you can’t get any of the times to work. Salesforce has a library of past webinar recordings for you to browse.

Some of the topics covered include :

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