Tracking changes in Pardot Lightning Landing Page Builder

If you’ve been a Salesforce user for a little while, then you are probably familiar with Field History Tracking. It’s a super useful tool.

As an Account Engagement (Pardot) user building landing pages in the Lightning Experience, you may have noticed that there is not an obvious way to see a historical view of who last saved and when that happened.

Unfortunately the Field History Tracking feature does not currently exist for the Landing Page Builder in Lightning Experience. But fear not! There’s something that DOES exist that can help.

Step 1: Check your permissions in Salesforce.

Enabling this solution requires Administrator access in Salesforce. If you do not have that, please reach out to your Salesforce Administrator.

Step 2: Enable Feed Tracking on the Landing Page Object

In the Setup menu, type “Feed” then click “Feed Tracking.” On the left hand menu, scroll down to Landing Pages and click it.

Next, check the box to Enable Feed Tracking and select the fields you’d like to be tracked. In the image above I have chosen to track Content Last Saved, Content Last Saved By, Last Published, and Last Published Date.

Step 3: Add Chatter Feed to Landing Page Lightning Layout

If Chatter isn’t already on the Lightning Record Page, your Salesforce Admin will need to add it.

Drag and drop the Chatter Feed onto the Landing Page Layout, then Activate and Save.

Step 4: Try it out

Because I am demonstrating this in a developer org, I can’t publish it. But we can see the feed update on the Chatter Feed that has recorded the save that I did.

You can see the image above what this looks like on the Landing Page’s Page Layout.

This is not a perfect solution. But in the absence of the traditional Field History Tracking related list, this meets the requirement admirably.

Ben LaMothe

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