Can’t Turn On Engagement History Dashboards in Salesforce? This May Be Why

One of the coolest feature roll outs to Pardot has been the Engagement History Dashboards. 

They bring Pardot data to life in ways that are not possible in the Pardot Lightning app or in Pardot Classic. 

For my clients it is a validation of their investment in Pardot. 

Knowing that, it becomes very frustrating when you navigate to the Engagement History section of Pardot Setings in Setup and find that section to toggle-on Engagement History Dashboards just… isn’t there.

Both myself and a coworker of mine encountered this recently and were both a bit confused. Nothing about the Pardot instance suggested there was anything wrong. Connected Campaigns is working, the Salesforce Connector is in good shape… so why can’t I enable Engagement History Dashboards?

The answer was a bit exasperating. 

Back in 2018 Pardot went through a rebranding of its packages. Lucy Mazalon’s post on explains it well. 

As a Pardot administrator you may have noticed in Pardot Setup that your account type says something like “SFDC Pro.” That is the legacy naming convention. But it turns out it’s more than just a naming convention issue. 

It’s an entirely different SKU!

Through several tickets with Salesforce Partner Support I learned that long-time Pardot customers with account types using the legacy SKUs are on different versions of Pardot. Salesforce did not upgrade customers into the current market-facing versions (Growth, Plus, Advanced, Premium) automatically. It’s not a matter of naming conventions being wrong – it’s a different edition entirely.

What that means is this: The legacy Pardot branding and SKUs do not have Engagement History Dashboards available on them. I learned that Engagement History Dashboards were never meant to be available for legacy Pardot versions.

What does this mean for you, as someone who wants to enable Engagement History Dashboards but are also on a legacy SKU? It means you need to call your Account Executive at Salesforce. 

Upgrading to the current naming and SKU does change your contract with Salesforce, so there may be costs associated, especially if you make other changes 

Only after your Account Executive has migrated you from the legacy SKU to the current SKU are you able to take advantage of things like Engagement History Dashboards. 

Out of the box it comes with 10 licenses for Engagement History Dashboards if you are on the current Plus version. If more than 10 users need access to the dashboards, you will need to buy more licenses. 

My recommendation is to check on what version of Pardot you are currently using. If it’s a legacy version, reach out to your AE to see about moving over to the new version, so you don’t miss out on functionality from new releases

Ben LaMothe

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